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Membership of our website is open to all dentists in the Lothians area. When you register with us on the website you have two options. To join as a mandate holder or as a non-mandate holder. Any NHS dentist practising in the Lothians can complete a voluntary mandate linked to your list number(s).

Website registration options

  1. Join as a Mandate holder practising in the Lothians and you gain full access to all of our resources and can book all of our LDC-run courses. These are offered at discounted rates for mandate holders.
  2. Join as a Non-Mandate holder and you gain access to a selection of our resources and can book any LDC-run courses at standard rates.

All you need to do to register is fill in the registration form. Please remember to verify your mandate holder details, making sure to enter all of your NHS List numbers and your practice address(es).

If you have already registered as a member of this website please log in to gain access to our events, resources and information sections.

  • Please enter ALL of your list numbers. You need a different list number for each location you carry out NHS treatment and a separate mandate for EACH LIST.