27 Sept 2023

Spots and Spaces- a minimally invasive approach

Wed 27 Sept 2023

Intercontinental Edinburgh The George
19-21 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PB

Purpose of the training course

In this lecture Dr Bashir will discuss minimally invasive approaches to closing black triangles and diastemas. In the second part of the lecture resin infiltration for cases with white spots will also be introduced and examples of such cases discussed.

  • Understand shade and colour and gain an insight into methods of shade matching.
  • A clinical insight into the layering techniques possible using composite resins.
  • Learn how to close black triangles and diastema under rubber dam isolation, while managing retraction of the papilla.
  • Learn how to assess the indications and the contraindications for resin infiltration techniques
  • Management of cases requiring ICON Resin Infiltration and composite layering.

Documentation and certificates

A certificate of attendance will be supplied following completion of the course indicating that the delegate has received 1.5 hours of verifiable continuing profession development training (CPD).