CPD event – Kevin Lochead: Partial Dentures & Adhesive Bridges

Restorative Dental treatment concepts have developed to be minimally invasive. Beautiful ceramics, artistic  composite bonding, whitening and orthodontics, with dental implants becoming the accepted “ideal” in tooth replacement.

But what of the humble partial denture? Not all our patients can afford, or are suitable for advanced restorative care. How can we improve the provision of partial denture solutions? What advances have there been? Do special attachments still have a place?

What about adhesive bridges, how can we make them more predictable posteriorly, without being challenged by debonds and poor aesthetics?

Learning content:

  • This presentation is going to look at ways of improving your delivery of partial dentures and adhesive bridges focusing on clinical cases, and solving patients problems, with tips and hints to make your life easier.

Learning objectives:

  • To better understand partial denture design and the various principles available.
  • To better be able to communicate possibilities, and limitations, with patients before treatment.
  • To understand how to case select for successful adhesive bridges
  • To Learn about a modified adhesive bridge concept that allows for inexpensive and predictable replacement of posterior single units

Location- Novotel Edinburgh (same as previously)
Date 21st November, 6:30 meal (complimentary) then lecture

To register please contact Stuart Banks stuart.banks@nhs.net