Due to IT Security and Data Protection Policies , interpreter bookings can no longer be accepted from external email addresses (i.e. non NHS emails).

  • All bookings sent to by email by Monday 6th November COB will be answered and actioned.
  • Going forward, to book an interpreter please phone on 0131 536 2020 Option 5 Option 5 Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm.
  • If you have an OR an email address, we would be more than happy to accept booking requests / translation requests from your secure email. Otherwise your emails will be disregarded after Monday 6th November.

Booking database
The plan is to roll out access to our online booking system, called BankStaff Allocate (accessible via a web browser from any computer connected to the internet). The database enables requesters to place a booking, which will automatically appear on the interpreters’ interface and enable them to book themselves in. Requesters can monitor which interpreter is going to attend the appointment and view the list of appointments for their area(s).

To gain access, please fill in and sign the attached form and return to – please type in all information, apart from the signatures. The form must be authorised by a budget holder. Although the interpretation and translation service is a centrally funded service for clinical settings with NHS patients, booking an interpreter does have an impact on the central budget therefore we would need an authorised signatory to confirm the accounts that must be created. The account holders themselves do not need to be authorised signatories, just the person who signs off the attached form. These accounts will give requesters access to interpretation services only (not to the Nurse Bank, AHP Bank etc.). The form will then be passed on to the ITS budget holder, Finance, and to our Staff Bank Intranet Support team for the accounts to be created.

**Step-by-step instructions with screenshots will be sent in an email together with account details once ready. Training sessions / demonstrations can be organised for staff who are not familiar with this booking system and who are regular users of the service. Please contact
Interpretation and Translation Service Manager
NHS Lothian Staff Bank
Comely Bank Centre
13 Crewe Road South, Edinburgh, EH4 2LD
Telephone: 0131 470 5545 (ext. 45545) for further information and to find a suitable date and venue.